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Property intact

Such property owners should never have to be worried that their property may be demolished by Floods due to heavy rain and certainly should never have to feel fearful for their lives due to floods…Not in the USA…

The same Property Flooded due to heavy Rain!

Whenever I see such Photos on TV/The News I get very angry because I truly believe that the US Government should have done what I have proposed to President Barack Obama years ago. See/read my Presentation above; An Open Letter/Presentation to the President of the United States, “President Barack Obama”.

A Healthy Beautiful Forest

This is how all Forests should be maintained/protected nice and green. I am hoping and praying that President Barack Obama will read my Presentation and will decide that it is about time that the Government will do what it takes to preserve US Forests.

The same Forest after a huge Fire!!!

When I see huge Forest Fires on TV/The News tears come to my eyes, every year thousands of acres containing beautiful Trees get destroyed/Killed by Fire! Trees emit Oxygen, the very Air we breathe need I say more, other than this is utterly shameful.

I truly believe with all of my heart that if President Barack Obama sees this Web site, he will see to it that my Concept will come to be.